Sleeping Bag For Hiking Camping & Outdoor Activities Compression Bag Included Mummy - Grey

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  • 3 SEASON ULTRALIGHT SLEEPING BAG. The cool weather sleeping bag is made with materials which do not retain moisture nor does it allow external moisture to sip in. This is due to polyester usage on the external and internal lining. In addition, it has hollow cotton filling, giving it a temperature rating of +10°F and +38°F.
  • MEASUREMENTS: 6'8 x 27"
  • CONVENIENT: Drawstring mummy hood covers your entire head and face to keep warm
  • VISUALLY PLEASING WITH WIDE RANGE OF COLORS. It cleverly combines function and aesthetics at the same time and for this reason, it comes with a wide array of color options to choose from.
  • PERFECT FOR THE 5-BILLION STAR HOTEL EXPERIENCE: Cozy up in this comfy sleeping bag as you gaze at the Milky Way and listen to the crackling fire and sounds of nature.